Language is the inventory of human experience
1.To help students develop their ability to use English as a tool of thought and
2.To promote students' competence in the four skills of reading, writing, listening and
3.To train students' ability to 'learn how to learn' so that they are capable of improving
   their English through the means of self-study.

Partners in Mission (PIM) Programme
NDC is committed to encouraging and improving students’ use of English. One strand of this goal is the PIM programme which started in 2008. Through this programme, well-educated native English speaking volunteers from Australia come to Hong Kong for 4-6 months to give students extra English Language practice. The PIM teachers assist students and classroom teachers in oral lessons and extra-curricular activities. They hold small group discussions with students and are involved in one-to-one conversations with students during recess and lunch time. They help the junior form students with pronunciation and reading aloud activities. Their presence in the school also promotes the natural use of English and increases the English speaking environment.

Dramatic English Immersion Programme
All Form 1 to Form 3 students have one drama lesson per week. In the lessons, they have learned how to project their voice and how to express themselves through their body gestures. They are all required to rehearse and act out short dramatic scenes in front of their classmates at the end of each term. It is hoped that confidence in speaking the target language is gradually developed through the programme. All junior form students in NDC have participated in our Drama Immersion Programme. They have had 1 drama lesson a week an in the lessons, they have learned basic skills of acting and performing. They have learned how to project their voice and how to express themselves through body language and intonation.

They also have had a lot of opportunities to perform on stage throughout the year.Most NDC students have gained a lot of confidence in speaking English through the drama activities.