Aims of English Language Curriculum

The principal aim of English language curriculum of our school is to provide every student with the opportunity.
1. to develop the ability to carry out successfully certain tasks and communicative transactions through the medium of English.
2. to enhance their English proficiency in order to prepare themselves for adult life or further education or both
3. to develop an interest in and an appreciation for recreational as well as cultural activities in which English is used as the medium of communication develop their abilities to think independently, logically, critically, analytically and imaginatively

Partners in Mission (PIM) Programme
NDC is committed to encouraging and improving students' use of English. One strand of this goal is the PIM programme which started in 2008. Through this programme, well-educated native English speaking volunteers from Australia come to Hong Kong for 4-6 months to give students extra English Language practice. The PIM teachers assist students and classroom teachers in oral lessons and extra-curricular activities. They hold small group discussions with students and are involved in one-to-one conversations with students during recess and lunch time. They help the junior form students with pronunciation and reading aloud activities. Their presence in the school also promotes the natural use of English and increases the English speaking environment.
English Speaking Days and English Corners

Every Friday is our English Speaking Days. Different English activities are organised on the day so that students have opportunities to speak and use the target language. outside classroom. At the English Corners, students can talk to English Prefects and teachers in English and they can participate in some interesting English games. On the Movie Show days, students can watch fun English animations and movies with their schoolmates. During school open days, the English Society organises activities with themes like Halloween, Healthy Eating or Emoji World for both students and guests.

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